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Tammest pildiraamid

Siit leiate meie tammepuust pildiraamid. Meie kvaliteetsed tammepuidust raamid tarnitakse pleksiklaasiga ja klambritega, et plakatit oleks lihtne paigaldada. Kõiki tammepuidust raame saab riputada nii horisontaalselt kui ka vertikaalselt.

Tammest pildiraamid

Oak picture frames for posters

Are you going to buy oak picture frames? Then you should visit Gallerix.ee. At Gallerix you will find a careful selection of oak picture frames in high quality. All oak frames can be hung in both landscape and portrait format. Our picture frames of 100% solid oak have flexible swivel clips on the back that allow you to easily and quickly mount your poster in the frame. All oak frames come with an extra thick plexiglass that protects your poster from dirt and scratches. Our oak picture frames have a profile width of 12mm and a profile depth of 20mm.

Easy mounting of your oak picture frame

All models and sizes of our oak picture frames are equipped with swivel clips on the back, which makes it quick and easy to mount posters in our cheap high quality frames made of oak wood. They also have mounting hooks that allow for the frame be hung in both portrait and landscape format on the wall.

Crystal clear plexiglass

All oak picture frames in our range are equipped with an extra thick plexiglass. On delivery, there is a protective plastic on each side of the glass that protects from dirt and scratches. Be sure to remove the protective plastic before hanging your oak picture frame on the wall.

Our oak picture frames

  • High quality
  • Crystal clear plexiglass
  • 100% solid oak
  • Size (cm): 21x30, 30x40, 50x70, 70x100
  • FSC Certified Wood
  • Horizontal and vertical mounting